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69-bit"... Again, he remained silent. But now he fetched the wireless keyboard and put it on his knee. He tapped a few keys, and the flatscreen lit up. A browser window appeared, and five seconds later Anna was staring at the front page of over a satellite connection. It was just as flashy, and had just as many useless features focused on selling stuff as her site. The deep tan of Anna's face had acquired a distinctive red shine. For a stubborn and proud girl like her, all this humiliation almost ... bikini wife xxx cute mature sluts

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Powers one time. He wanted to use it on her, so that they could make love without him causing her pain. Of course The Whore thought that it was a great idea. Not only had she corrupted Superman, she was about to be made into Superwhore. She would be unstoppable. What a great day. When he had set up the machine, Superman left the his new lover to be transformed and went outside. He had some measuring to do! Within seconds he had his cock in hand and was jacking off at super speed. "Ready, aim, fire!" His sperm flew out of his penis in several bursts. The furthest flying ones landed over a mile away, ... bikini wife xxx cute mature sluts

On... Yes, on what? Nobody, including Anna herself, seemed to have a clue sometimes. But in the new biotope Enrique dragged her into, this seemed the norm. Spicing up celebrity parties and 'being noticed' in general, raised your status in those circles. Indeed, she seemed to focus on her fame instead of her game. For a while she had joined her new flame in that artificial rollercoaster, but it was hardly satisfying in the long term. It only made her mind go number and number, ...

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Each thrust, each squeeze. Shortly, she was pushing her ass back, trying to take even more of the dildo, as she felt her climax rapidly approaching like an out of control Union Pacific locomotive. "Yes, yes, oh yesss, yessssssssssss!" she cried, her nipples standing out like twin organ stops, as her blonde violator sent her over the edge into a mind blowing orgasm. When Sparrow stopped jerking her hips, Harley slowly withdrew the slick, gleaming shaft, a satisfied smirk on her lips. She had been getting almost as much pleasure out of the reaming as the victim. "All finished, ... cute mature sluts

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On the bed exhausted. She had obviously forgotten about Ray and Tess. Ray lifted Natalie up and rubbed his fingers across her now soaking wet cunt. He got his fingers nice and lubed up before he rammed one into her tight, teen, virgin, ass. Natalie jumped and screamed but was soon smothered by Tess' pussy jamming down on her mouth and nose. "Every time you scream I'll smother you with my cunt, and should you stop licking my pussy when I'm not smothering you I will sit down on your face. Understand?" As Tess lifted up her pussy Natalie ...

Of Superwhore. When they calmed down they noticed they were floating in the air. They both burst out laughing. "I always wanted to join the mile high club. Come on fly boy let me take you to cloud nine." 20 hours later they both lay panting on the ice flow. Superwhore was on top of the Man of not so Steel. Both their bodies were bruised and covered in sperm. She looked at him and smiled wickedly. "Come on. Call yourself Superman? You've only managed 999 ejaculations. I want one more. Lets make it a nice round figure." Superman ... bikini wife xxx cute mature sluts

Not into anything too kinky, so she shouldn't worry too much. Tonight they were just going to try a few new things on her. Val told Kelly that she was going to sit back & watch for awhile, so Brenda could finally have her chance to find out how much Kelly had learned the night before. Val took the boxes off the bed, and went to the other side of the room and set them down next to the chair where she sat down. But only after she took off all of her clothes, what little ...

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Me how big it is." The private stammered. " Uh, eleven t-to t-twelve." Baroness's eyes widened. " Twelve what?" A wicked smile began to grow. The Private made a 'U'-shape with two fingers. " Inches." Her mouth opened. She stepped back and studied his pants. The private recalled how in the lockerooms, the other privates spoke about hoe she was rumored to constantly trying to find out who had the largest members in COBRA. That if found, she would shift her 'attention'to that individual. until he was either dead or transferred out to some Antarctic missile base by a jealous cuckolded Detsro. ...

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Him and pulled it down. She scuffed out of her ballerina slippers, and Duane and I each pulled one leg of her pants down and all the way off. Jessica was wearing only panties, and I noticed they matched the bra that was lying in the middle of the floor. She stood up, stuck her fingers in the elastic waistband and, with one quick motion pulled them down around her hips and ass. When Jessica let go, they slid down her legs, and she kicked them away in the general direction of her other clothing. All three of us were equally ... cute mature sluts

Being fondled by the guy holding her. As he groped her roughly he leaned in and licked her cheek. "Asshole!" yelled Anna lifting her knee and ramming it up between his legs. The man squealed like a girl and dropped like a sack of potatoes as her knee crushed his balls. "You bitch!" growled the third man punching her across the jaw and almost sending her into unconsciousness, "Let's see what we got here." With that he grabbed the front of her blouse and tore it open, the buttons popping off and her bra covered breasts jiggling with their freedom. The man behind her had stopped playing ... bikini wife xxx

The next in line, leaving Anna alone at her spot. Had Shark Shaq bitten the bait after all? As the door opened, the loud tones of a typical second-rate rap song joined the chugging exhaust and the roaring engine. Then everything got silent. For a second or two, Anna stared into the empty blackness. Then she cut the knot and jumped inside, engulfed in total darkness as the door closed behind her. Chapter Three Gradually, her eyes started adjusting to the lack of bright daylight. First, two shiny white rows of teeth, the symmetry broken by a single gold one, materialized. ...

Outfit - a very short white mini-skirt and a super low-cut pink blouse with pushup bra (not that she needed a push up bra with her tits, but the resulting effect was nothing short of spectacular). As it turned out the Frying Saucer Bar was practically deserted, a waitress was sitting on on the front step smoking a cigarette. She was pretty in a white trash kind of way with curly blonde hair, long legs displayed beautifully by her short pink waitress uniform and a deep cleavage that heaved delightfully as she sucked on her cigarette. "Hello," said Anna politely to the waitress, ...

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