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The base with one hand, slowly stroking with the other. "Meet Johnson," he grinned while he looked up at her. Anna smiled back; why was it that all men gave their penis a name? She had never given her pussy one. But it sure was funny and got her in a more relaxed, playful mood. "And Johnson is MINE!" she growled. And like an attacking tiger, she reached out with her claws to catch it, firmly clamping her fists around it. Like a predator guarding its prey, she didn't intend to let go of it anytime soon! Her delicate female touch made it look ... fucking black gallery

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Get back to the place from which she started. She taught her most of the time one could determine North from the lichens growing on the shaded side of trees where the sun's rays do not dry them out or judge the time of day by noticing the position and angle of the sun. If she stood facing North, she would know East was to her right, West was to her left, and South was behind her. However, throughout the year the sun's position changes with the seasons, but in general it was a good way to determine where one was. At night, one looked to the heavens to find the Big Dipper. Once located, ...

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With his buddy, who he had adopted as his driver/personal security guard. While Wilson only allowed the Chosen Chicks to approach Shaq, Shaq did him favors back. His 65 million-contract with Reebok, for example, contained a special clause. And so it happened that Wilson appeared in his very own donut commercial. "Enough formality. What can Shaq do for this lovely lady?" The silhouette turned towards Anna and landed a big warm paw on her left knee. Humming the tune of "Crazy in Love", ...

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